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Serving the West Kootenays, ErgoWellness offers onsite Ergonomic Assessments and Wellness Consulting Services for Businesses, Organizations & Self-Employed Individuals. Investing in ergonomic solutions will help prevent workplace injuries, save money on the costs associated with workplace injuries and improve productivity. Investing in wellness & healthy work habits will promote a healthy work culture that will improve employee retention rates for highly skilled employees and carry over to all aspects of life to live well!

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments, Training & Coaching

This service includes ergonomic assessments and training at the workplace for groups or individual workspaces. The outcome of these assessments or trainings can reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity and improve overall employee's wellness.

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Job Demands Analysis

This service is for Employers and Businesses.

The Job Demands Analysis is a detailed onsite assessment that evaluates the physical and environment job demands; this service can save an employer money, prevent injuries and helps a worker return to work safely after an injury. 

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Lunch & Learn Trainings

30 - 60 minute presentations that are convenient and cost effective to teach small groups about better work habits, health and wellness.

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Hybrid Office Ergonomic Assessments (work from home & office)

Employees working from home and the office? Is working from home new to you?

These services include home office ergonomic assessments to improve the workspace and individual's overall wellness.

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