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Hybrid Office Ergonomic Assessments (work from home & office)

Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

If you have employees working from home or are self-employed and work at home, or have a hybrid office, this service is for you.

It's time to get more comfortable at work and make positive changes that will benefit productivity and overall well-being. Working in an optimized workspace will give you more energy and reduce risk of the onset of aches and pains. ErgoWellness will focus on preventative education that includes changing your posture, your work habits and your workstation to work and live well.

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What a Home Office Ergonomic Assessment Involves

It's time to Work Well from Home

- Onsite Assessment (virtual assessments also available - click here)

- Ergonomic Evaluation: observation of your work setting and habits.

- Injury Prevention & Ergonomic Education: education on posture, how to set up a proper workstation to reduce risk and discomfort.

-Workstation modifications and ergonomic equipment recommendations if needed.

-Recommended stretches and exercises specific to you and your workspace to reduce stress on overused areas of your body.

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