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Workplace Ergonomic Assessments, Training & Coaching

What we Provide

Workplace Ergonomic Assessments are an investment in reducing workplace injuries, increasing employees productivity, increasing employee retention and creating a healthier work environment by implementing preventative strategies into the work day.

An onsite ergonomic assessment can be implemented for an entire department to improve workplace performance or personalized for an individual in the workplace who is in need of improving their workspace and habits.

A typical assessment would include:

-Initial interview to review the needs of the client

-Observation of work tasks

-Identification of ergonomic risk factors

-Ergonomic coaching, education on injury prevention and changing your posture and work habits

-Onsite workplace modifications as appropriate

-Easy to implement stretch program designed specifically for an employees job description that can be performed on the job

-Recommendations on: reducing injury risk, preventative solutions and increasing employee productivity and wellness

Office Training and Coaching Services would include:

-Ergonomic Training Presentation followed by brief check up of employee's workstations with coaching pointers to reduce injury, increase productivity and efficiency and improve overall wellness.

-Recommendations completed that can be implemented immediately!

Who is Providing the Service

 Ginia Hayward is the owner of ErgoWellness and completes all the ergonomic assessments. She is a Kinesiologist (aka Body Movement Specialist) who has extensive knowledge in understanding how our bodies move (body mechanics) and how our postures can affect our performance at work and beyond.

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Why invest in Ergonomic Solutions for your Business?

The Problem

-Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are preventable injuries in the workplace and are most often caused by poor posture, poor workplace setup and poor work habits (ie. Poor ERGONOMICS). These preventable injuries are costly to employers and can decrease employee morale in the workplace.

- 2. 3 million Canadian Adults  (1/10 Canadians) annually experience a musculoskeletal disorder serious enough to limit their normal activities; the majority of these injuries are work-related. Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, 2018.

-67% of work related injuries are repetitive strains, often caused by poor ergonomics and repetitive movements. WorkSafe BC 2020 report

-Most injuries do not occur because of the layout of the workstation, but because of postures and positions employees put themselves in while performing their job.

-Trends show that it is becoming more difficult to retain employees as they are reporting higher levels of stress, lower motivation and less work-life balance; employee turnover is costly for businesses.

The Solution

Investing in your employees with our proactive ergonomic and wellness services can increase employee's productivity and efficiency while also reducing discomfort and potential injuries.

Through early intervention education, assessments and recommendations specific to your work industry and use of proper equipment, ErgoWellness can assist in reducing injuries, increasing productivity, improving overall employee wellness and increasing employee retention. All of these solutions will increase your business' profits!

Simply put - we work better when we feel better!

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